Five tips to prevent mold from growing in your home

Preventing mold from growing in your house mostly comes down to preventing moisture in various susceptible areas. Taking care of this aspect is quite simple compared to repairing the damage caused by mold, especially health issues. Here’s a list of some practical and easy steps you can apply to prevent this fungus invasion.

Keep your house dry

When it comes to moisture, bathroom and kitchen are critical places. Use a hygrometer to control moisture levels inside these premises, aiming to keep it below 60 percent. Check your pipes for potential leaking occasionally and fix the problems as soon as possible. Wipe the walls in the bathroom after showering and wipe the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen after cooking or washing dishes. Provide adequate ventilation in both places and open the window after taking a shower.

Dry your washed laundry outside

Whenever you can hang your clothes to dry outdoors. If you do it inside, evaporated water from the clothes will stick to your walls and promote mold growing. If you can’t do it outside always, at least place laundry in a separated room or purchase a drier. Wet clothes and towels are an excellent terrain for mold growth. Thus, avoid leaving wet towels hanging in the bathroom or washed laundry in the washing machine.

No carpets in a bathroom

Wet carpets, the same as wet clothes, are a convenient environment for mold growth. Eliminate them completely or at least replace them with linoleum or rugs. If the rug gets wet during bathing, make sure you hang it to dry properly.

Insulation, insolation, and ventilation

These three aspects determine the average levels of moisture in your house, so make sure to adjust them to adequate levels. Cold surfaces will condensate during cold weather and become a convenient ground for mold spores. Use additional insulation to outfit these areas, especially metal items and prevent condensation. Insolation helps to warm and to dry of the premises, and solid ventilation will take care of humidity in the air.

Control the water sources outdoors

Sometimes the moisture is a consequence of the water coming from the outside. Make sure to clean gutters, set water drainage away from home and keep your basement dry.

Andrew Smith

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