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      HM-520/920/1100YT  Semi-automatic pre-coating film laminating machine
    Dual-modefilm cutting device:we are the first company in China to design and developed the device(optional)
    If the edge is irregular due to the collision during the transportation of pre-coating and it is impossible to punch the hole,slitting by flying cutter van be conducted instead of punching the hole;
    If the pre-film thickness is too thin or the glue is not thoroughly dry and the viscosity is too strong,the film is easy to break when punching the hole,using fiying cutter for slitting can avoid such problems;
    If it is not allowed to have holes on the edge due to process requirements(well calendar),slitting by flying cutter can be used.
    Human-computer interface touch display screen:the machine is of high degree of automation,you can directly input the paper sizes on the touch screen,the machine will automatically adjust the position,which will save the time for changing paper.
    Stainless steel paper feeding board:the surface is of highly-smooth finish and it is easy to clean,so as to prevent the scratch on the back of the paper and stains that is harmful to the printing.(optional)
    automatic hydraulic control is of easy operation and high speed;when the machine is stopped for acertain period of time (which is settable), the roll will automatically release the pressure.(Optional)
    Paper backscrolling and flattening device,flying cutter type pneumatic paper pulling the slitting (optional)
    Wave pressing type paper delivery device(optional):the paper collecting will be more stable and neat when making thin paper

    Using OMRON electrical Appliances(optional)

    Vibration paper collection table(optional)

    Pre-coating film machine, is my root tree market demand,the company absorbed the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and their own development and design of new models. Is a film or pre-coating film amphibious aircraft. Its structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, easy operation,simple maintenance. Is set light, electricity, gas, machine integration control ,environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and humanized design of the new compound film machine. Without using film,pre-coating film for printing quality, widely used in teaching materials,books, periodicals,books,manuals,charts,maps,the outer package of audio and video products and other publications. The machine to the personage inside course of study to improve the quality of printing film,, reduce cost,provide favorable guarantee profits high,is printing out traditional paper-plastic composite high energy consumption,heavy pollution ideal models of post-press processing equipment.
    Main Specifications:
    Model HM-520YT HM-920YT HM-110YT
    Biggest effect of the width 520mm 920mm 1100mm
    Pressure of work 10-16Mpa 10-16Mpa 10-16Mpa
    Largest machine output speed 40m/min 40m/min 40m/min
    Largest diameter volume the original film 500mm 500mm 500mm
    Power supply 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
    Total power 16kw 16kw 16kw
    Machine is suitable for paper specifications 105-500g/m 105-500g/m 105-500g/m
    Dimensions In 4000×1340×1650mm 4000×1740×1650mm 4000×1940×1650mm
    Machine weight 2T 2.2T 2.6T
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