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      HM-580YTS  High Speed Automatic Thermal Film Laminating Machine
    Max.Paper Size 580×800mm 780×820mm
    Min.Paper Size 210×270mm 210×270mm
    Paper Thickness 105-500g/m2 105-500g/m2
    Max.Laminating Speed 0-60m/min 0-60m/min
    Total Power 14kw 16kw
    Total Weight 1500kg 1600kg
    Overall Dimension 3300×1200×1650mm 3400×1400×1700mm

    Automatic feeder
    Automatic feeder adopts ail-free vacuum pump
    system to realize automatic paper feeding

    High precision lays with servo controller and PLC centralized controller guarantee accurancy of paper overlapping, accurate control: ±2.5mm
    Configuration and Construction:
    1、Automatic paper feeding system is equipped with protecting device for photoelectric controlled paper miss and automatic stoppin.
    2、Man-machine interface system: A user-friendly interface with color touch screen makes operation easy and convenient. Inputting the paper size. distance and speed can realize the whole machine automatical operation.Operrator can check the status of machine on touch screen.
    3、Equipped with internal electromagnetic heating system with contant tempetature system ensures film laminaating temperature stable and even.
    4、Air shaft is equipped with clutch tension system to control tension and speed.
    5、Pneumatic separating system can automatically cut paper in order
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