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      HM-1100FMC  Film Laminator
    HM-1100 semi-automatic film laminating machine is developed according to market need to develop high-speed energy-saving products, mainly for water-based glue dry re-designed models. And a multi-purpose, water-based glue,oil glue,Pre Glue laminating film, no glue film can be all used, is a new laminating machine,the machine all in oneinclude glue ,drying,laminating,electrical control,The Machine is mechatronics,high production,stable running and humanize operation.Realize From paper feeder,laminating,cutting,reel,temperature control,all automatic in one line.Easy operation and maintain can be widely used in books, calendars, catalogs, packaging boxes laminating, printing and professional laminating plant is to improve print quality,lower costs,the ideal equipment to improve efficiency.
    Main Specifications:
    Paper Max Width 1080mm
    Paper Thickness 80-500g/m
    Laminated Temperature 80-130℃
    Laminated Pressure 0-250Mpa
    Speed 0-40m/min
    Overall Dimension 2600mm×2100mm×2400mm
    Total power 40kw
    Weight 3.5T
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