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      HM-1100/1000  Hinh Precision Filming Machine
    This machine is the new style laminating presses.it can let Biaxially Oriented Polypropylen or Polyester film laminated on any kind of printed matters continuo usly and makethe laminated products bright,clear can beautiful,Besides,it is also water-proof and easy to keep clean,it's widely used for laminating plastic film on the following materials,such as the cover of books and periodicals,pictures,calen-dords,cords,sample books and packing boxes,etc,it's a optimum eguipment or mproving the quality of the printedmates,this machine is suitable for water-soluble glue,oil glue and BOPP as material multiform purpose,It's suitable for using in various printing,package and decorting.
      Main construction features:
    1、The machine adopts cast-iron structure and has characteristics as high manufa ctureaccuracy and long service life.
    2、It's provided with automatic temperature control unit.
    3、The gluing roller and the glue spreading roller have such characteristics as high accuracy and uiform glue coating.
    4、This machine is not only used for the plastic filming of paper,but also used for the plastic filming of the plate,PVC and so on.
    Model FM1100 FM1000
    Max.width 1060mm 960mm
    Pressure temperature 30-120℃ 30-120℃
    Pressure compound 0-25MPa 0-25MPa
    Speed 0-25m/min 0-25m/min
    Dimension 5920×1720×2090mm 5920×1620×2090mm
    Overall Weight 3.5T 3T
    Total power 18kw 18kw
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