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      SGC UV Coating machine  UV Coating Machine
    lt is an essential machine for printing and processing of post-printing.All kinds of paper printed matter treated by this machine are not only improving the smooth finish of surface,but also dampproof,drtyproof,shineproof,and wearproof for the surface of printed matter.Especially.the UV oiling for tre-atment.lt is same as film-covering and calendering treatment and without the defects of film-droping,curliness and smooth fading.
    Model SGC720 SGC1000 SGC1200型
    Max.Width 72mm 950mm 1150mm
    Paper used 80-600g 80-600g 80-600g
    Speed 0-60m/min 0-60m/min 0-60m/min
    Dimension 9000×1300×1600mm 9000×1600×1600mm 9000×1800×1600mm
    Overall Weight 1.8T 2.5T 3T
    Total power 43kw 50kw 50kw
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