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      UV Glazing machine  UV Glazing Machine
    Performance and Characteristics:
    The machine is adouble-purpose machine with the function of ordinary glazer and ultraviolet oil glazer,which can either be used with calender or be independently usde in the process of ultraviolet glazing.The machine belongs to thick paper passing model,which employs stepless speed regulation and is reasonable in structure and convenient operation.fading.
    Model SGZ1200 SGZ1000
    Max.imun glazing with 1100mm 900mm
    Paper used 200g-600g 200g-600g
    Glazing speed 4-55m/min 4-55m/min
    Ultraviolet lam power 2×8kw 2×8kw
    Main machine power 1.5kw 1.5kw
    Dimension 7000×1740×1600mm 7000×1560×1600mm
    Overall Weight 2800kg 2500kg
    Total power 17.5kw 17.5kw
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