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    Home > Products > Die cutting and creasing machine with foil stamping machine series
      TYMB750/TYMB930/TYMB1100  Foil Stamping and Die-cutting Machine
    ? Usage:
    The machine is developed by our factory with advantage of analogous products in the world with multifunction,mic-computer controller and dual-purpose.It is the first manufa ctured at home and wins two state patents.With great effect on high quality printing and packing,it is the necessary equipment for stamping and die cutting of large size.
    The machine has three steepping systems,and each group takes foil and stepsin junping independently.It has such features as simply operation,easy main-tenance,suitable pressure,reliable handing and high automaticity etc.To improve the adhesive power of the electric aluminium and getting perfect products,is has safety device.
    Our factory supply services of requating and repairing following the trace of products selling with files,we also can train operators and repairingStaffs for customers.
    Model TYMB750型 TYMB930型 TYMB1100型
    Max.foil Stamping size(L×W) 720×500mm 920×660mm 110×800mm
    Groups of feeding foil 2组 3组 3组
    Operating speed 27 Strokes/min 22 Strokes/min 20 Strokes/min
    Volume of foil feeding 1-460mm 1-640mm 1-800mm
    Dimension 1300×1500×1800mm 1830×1670×2200mm 2000×1950×2300mm
    Motor power 6.5kw 13kw 19kw
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