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    Home > Products > Die cutting and creasing machine with foil stamping machine series
      ML1300/1400/1500  Die cutting and Creasing Machine
    Main construction features:
    ★ High strength due to one piece casting by using top quality material forthe machine body.
    ★ Smooth running,big pressure and low noise are obviously remarked as lnter gear input and helical gear output mechanism is adopted.
    ★ Singleplate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
    ★ Operational altitude is reasonably arranged,movable platen opens to its optimum.
    ★ The electrical system is designed in comformity with IEC standard.
    ★ With functions as single,continuous operation and opening dwell.And the dwell time is adjustable.
    ★ The safety system is reliable.
    ★ With concentrated lubricating system.
    Model ML1300 ML1400 ML1500 ML1500
    Max.rule length <35m <45m <47m <48m
    Inner chase size 1300×920mm 1400×100mm 1500×1050mm 1500×1150mm
    Speed 15±2 Strokes/min 15±2 Strokes/min 14±2 Strokes/min 14±2 Strokes/min
    Dimension 1960×2160×1600mm 2050×2450×1650mm 2500×2200×1750mm 2500×2200×1850mm
    Overall weight 5600kg 6200kg 7000kg 7300kg
    Motor power 5.5kw 5.5kw 5.5kw 5.5kw
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