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      ML750/930/1040/1100/1200  Die cutting and Creasing Machine
    The creasing and cutting machine is a equipment especially designed for creasing and cutting the ordinary cardboard,corrugated board,plastic and leather products.It is widely used in the printing,packing decoration and plastic industries.The machine has features such as compact structure,fine workmanship,big pressure,high precision and easy and reliable operation etc.
    Main construction features:
    ★ High strength due to one piece casting by using top quality material forthe machine body.
    ★ Smooth running,big pressure and low noise are obviously remarked as lnter gear input and helical gear output mechanism is adopted.
    ★ Singleplate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
    ★ Operational altitude is reasonably arranged,movable platen opens to its optimum.
    ★ The electrical system is designed in comformity with IEC standard.
    ★ With functions as single,continuous operation and opening dwell.And the dwell time is adjustable.
    ★ The safety system is reliable.
    Model ML750 ML930 ML1040 ML1100 ML1200
    Max.rule length <15m <25m <28m <35m <35m
    Inner chase size 750×520mm 930×670mm 1040×720mm 1100×800mm 1200×820mm
    Speed 25 Strokes/min 23±3 Strokes/min 23±2 Strokes/min 20±2 Strokes/min 20±2 Strokes/min
    Dimension 1300×1300×1300mm 1720×1530×1600mm 1760×1740×1650mm 1860×1760×1700mm 1960×1860×1750mm
    Overall weight 2000kg 3000kg 3800kg 4500kg 5000kg
    Motor power 2.2kw 4kw 4kw 4kw 4kw
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