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Tips and Techniques for removing mold

Certainly, the easiest and the most effective manner to keep your house free from the mold is to keep all your premises clean, dry, moderately heated, insulated and regularly ventilated. This way, you will have the usual concentration of mold spores in the air. They will not cause the problems. However, if the mold grows excessively due to lack of some of the previously mentioned conditions, there are ways to eliminate it and prevent it from re-occurring. Mold remediation is best done when handled by professional services. There are, also, some tips and techniques you can apply and try to control it yourself.

The power of HEPA

HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air vacuums, purifiers and industrial air scrubbers are powerful equipment designed to filter air in the house and clean it from the smallest particles. Regular air filter won’t suffice because they do not filter particles of the mold spores size. HEPA has a wide range of products varying in the size, capacity, and power. Most of them are available at pretty much every hardware store and the prices are reasonable. Depending on the size of home and the total area you want to clear, choose small HEPA air purifiers. Larger air scrubbers designed to filtrate the air in the whole house.

Dehumidifiers fight the rooting cause of mold growth

Moisture is a necessary environmental condition for mold growth. Any water or humidity source is a potential risk for mold growth, so the best way is to fix and eliminate these sources. But if the levels of moisture are already high within your place, purchasing dehumidifiers (or avoiding humidifiers) will help you control it to the normal levels.

Hang hygrometer in your bathroom

These simple, practical and rather affordable devices measure the current levels of moisture in the air and indicate if there is a reason to worry and react. Having one in your bathroom and one in the kitchen is useful for everyday’s control.

Kill mold with chemicals

There’s a large scale of various chemical solutions you can purchase over the counter that is designed to attack mold colonies aggressively and eliminate them effectively. Whether it’s a bleach, mixture of bleach and additional chemical, various anti-fungal solutions or anything similar. Apply some of these occasionally at the risky areas and let them do the rest.

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