Need help with residential mold?

Preventing mold in kitchen

The same as a bathroom, kitchens provides a convenient environment for mold growth and spreading, only it is more dangerous when mold invades kitchen. The nearness of food is a high risk for the health of family members. To prevent mold in the kitchen, keep your kitchen dry. Check for leaks, wipe water off the countertops and ventilate after cooking. Avoid carpet and paint your kitchen with mold-resistant paint. Maintain your refrigerator, check cabinets for cracks, wipe them regularly and inspect the back side of the cabinets.

Preventing mold in Bathrooms

Any area providing humid and warm environment is at high risk of getting polluted with mold. The bathroom itself and some parts of it particularly fit this description. To prevent mold in the bathroom, follow these several basic tips. Ventilate your bathroom regularly, especially after taking a shower. Avoid using carpets in the bathroom. Use rug or linoleum. Check for leaks and fix them immediately, the same as various cracks in walls. Paint your bathroom with mold-resistant paint and scrub bathroom items with some solution designed to prevent mold.

What is involved in mold remediation?

Assessment, Containment, Filtration, Removal, Drying, Repair


Truly professional and expert company providing mold remediation offers a full range of services that will remove all currently present mold, prevent it from re-occurring and eliminate the causes of the mold. The proper remediation approach includes several basic steps. At first, technicians will conduct a thorough assessment. During the inspection, they will detect all the infected areas and the severity of the issue. Since mold from infected areas spreads easily, these areas will be contained. Containment is enabled via specific equipment designed for this process. After that, technicians use powerful devices for filtration of the polluted air to eliminate all the mold spores floating in the air.


Removal of the mold layers from walls, floors, windows, furniture, and other items is the next phase. Technicians use various anti-fungal solutions to remove mold completely. All the cleaned surfaces and materials will be dried in the next phase. Drying has to be deep and complete to prevent re-occurring of the mold. Finally, remediation company helps you repair all the previously infected items if it’s possible to preserve them. Heavily infected and damaged items are disposed of, while other are treated with specialized procedures to restore their shape and function.



​After the recent flood in our house, the mold invaded every premise. I hired these guys and watched them applying all their knowledge, experience and powerful technology to handle the task efficiently. I am truly satisfied with the results.

After I had given up trying to fight mold on my own, experts from this company have not only eliminated the mold from all my premises but also pointed me to the underlying problem with pipes and helped me prevent the mold in the future.



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